Services using 99% cpu ?



Recently I've noticed that my svchost.exe both the Locla Service and SYSTEM provoked one's have been using 55-60% and 20-25% cpu respectively at the same time.

That's 75% of my cpu power..Why is this? they are also using more ram, and explorer.exe is using like 44mb of ram.

I mean I have a t-bird 900mhz with 128mb of ram (running windows XP)

Anyone got any ideas?
You really need...

at least 256MB of ram for XP... other than that, I am not sure on the CPU usage...

I also have the same problem also running tbird 900 with 256mb RAM.

The usage of cpu affects the sound performance ...
Do you guys happen to be running MotherBoard Monitor? I'm curious because someone else reported pegged CPU load when that was running.
No ..

I suspect the graphic card ... when there is movement onscreen or when an active program is performing some operation (not the ones in the background) the cpu goes wild ...
What exactly should we look for on this page? There is a lot of things listed ...
I went trough the list ...
anything in particular i should look for .. sorry for my stupidity :eek: ;) :D
nah, its got nothing to do with RAM. theres no reason for explorer.exe to take 44MB of ram on a 128BLT system and 18megs on my system.
I disabled some services that the guy in that first link suggested, no more high cpu usage, and less ram usage! WOOHOO
Originally posted by Krule
I disabled some services that the guy in that first link suggested, no more high cpu usage, and less ram usage! WOOHOO

Can you please tell me which services did u disable?
it is norton internet security!!
close the program and check your cpu!

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