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Service Pack 3 for XP


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So I just wanted to know how Service Pack 3 is. I heard that there are some issues with SP3 and as a gamer, upcoming programmer, etc, I want to know if its worth the update or not right now as I don't want issues to suddenly arrise out of no where.


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There are problems with XP SP3 on Dell Laptops ( mostly the Vostro Series) with the Wireless 1395 Adapters (Broadcom Derivative) it seems that the latest Driver release was early 2007 and causes unusual issuesc with SP3 , predominantly Windows Update won't install the latest patches.



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Well I have SP3 on my main/home PC and on my Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop with no problems.

I do play games on the home PC and have had no problems. Now most of my games aren't the latest and greatest but my Half Life2 Orange Box isn't that old either.
I haven't had any problems on any of my own computers with SP3 or the ones I've put SP3 (either installing post-install or slipstreamed into an XP install disc) on other people's computers, either.

I haven't had any issues with games.

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