Server type programs shutting down?


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Jun 1, 2005
I just have to ask this because it doesn't seem like the people I should contact wanna talk to me on why this is happening (Basically, it has been almost a month and they keep telling me to contact someone else or sorry for the inconvienience). I hope someone can help me out on some kind of solution.

If anyone here has played on, they have an installer to put on your system. In my case, it seems I have a weird issue in which everytime I play a 3D game that launches in a game window from (If you goto, any 3D game you go to, it has a "play now" button in which it starts up the game), as soon as I exit, within 5 minutes, My Bluetooth tray causes an illegal operation, my Bluetooth Server causes an Illegal operation, My Symantec User Session Server causes an Illegal operation, and the Bluetooth server repeats up to 4 times on the illegal operation. One of my Windows Server things also will randomly cause an illegal operation and wants to shut down as well. In which case, the only solution is to restart the system.

Can anyone help me out with trying to figure out why this is happening?

If need to know:
My Bluetooth is disabled because I don't use it and even if I do, I don't try to use it at my school because of the hackers that try to test their hacking skills when bored and I have Wallpaper Changer running in the background.

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 8, 2005
Do you have any friends who use that site and their software? Hard to troubleshoot 3rd party applications without knowing anything about it.

Does the site have a F.A.Q. or any type of support? Is there anything in your system's event viewer?


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Jun 1, 2005
Well the common re-occurance is all 3D games there use Gameguard and as it is the first time I've used any program that uses Gameguard for anti-hacking protection, I would think that is it.

FAQ there is nothing about my situation there, I contacted them and they just keep saying "sorry for the inconvienience, but report the bug to this e-mail address" as in they think it is for 1 particular game when I CLEARLY specify it is on ALL 3D games (Gunbound, GunZ, KwonHo, Gunster, etc). I even mail the games e-mails for them and get nothing back.

I don't have any friends that have the same situation as I do on that site.

I can only assume it has to do with Gameguard messing up my system.

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