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server chip as normal computer


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say I had a lot of money and just wanted to blow it on new system, what kind of performance with a server chip like a xeon or opteron would I get with all the regular windows xp and games and the regular stuff people have on computers?

I figure it would be the same as the top of the line desktop components but I'm just curious


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moi aussi - french for me too! well i have like 200 dollars but thats until friday till my parents get back from dubai, and then i have to use like 120 dollars to pay the computer store i owe money, hehe! its been over summer that i owed them, but i bring them tons of customers so they dont care when i pay. and then i have to get a new gfx card, money is an evil thing


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depends if the best you can do is to run Doom3 or something like that...

then you might not notice much difference....

BUT suppose you wanted to be the premier folder and overtake Xsiv and not run more than one machine and STILL play Doom3 when you fancy? Then you might just be surprised at what a top end opteron could do for you ;)

A glib reply maybe, but perhaps it gives you an idea?


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OT >>> that reminds me tuff - been meaning to ask for ages - how you finding that beautiful mobo I recommended to you? You have the processor I have my eye on and that is the mobo I was thinking of homing it in (since I also am in no position to afford an opteron!)...

so a mini-review or just yeay or nay would be good to hear
Well, from what I've heard the performance is just as good if not better. Mostly if you run Dual Opterons. Xeons are pretty good too. But what you have to consider is that most of the programs you run are not made for X amount or processors. They are mostly just single processor programs.

Personally I don't think it's worth it.
Hmmm.... I think a bumber sticker that says I'm the proud parent of the expelled kid that kicked your honor roll students ass. Would be a great addition to the PC.

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