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Server 2008 refuses to share folders.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi all,

I got a Win7 workstation that keeps getting access denied into folders hosted by a Win2008 file server.

I have tried everything. Disabled firewalls, enabled full permissions on the folder properties. Enabled the file server role in Server 2008. Both belong to the same named workgroup.

Win7 can see the folders, but cannot get access inside them.

Any other ideas?


Is the w7 box authenticated onto the network with a valid domain account?
Can others with the same user account on xp say, access those folders?
You have set share permissions as well as file permissions?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Zerohour,

Just checked, I forgot the file permissions, Duh!!!!!!

Sometimes, can't see forest from the trees..........



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