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Lately when I have been playing games for anywhere from as little as 5min to a long as 6 hrs (FS2004, AAO, UT2k4, DFBHD) my monitor will go black like it is shut off, the indicator on the monitor will go from green to yellow (like it is in sleep mode). The only way to restore things to reboot.

I have tried everything from changing all setting reguarding video and ram in the bios (including resetting bios and using default setting), no change. I have uninstalled all video drivers completley using drivercleaner, and reinstalling 61.77, no change. I have checked to make sure that there is no power profile set or anything like that to turn off the monitor. I have done virus scans, adaware, hijack this, nothing.

I am out of ideas. Is there any log files that might tell me what happens when this problem occurs? Is there any programs that will tell me if the GPU is over heating? (I have an excellent GPU cooler on it, GeForce 4 Ti4200).

I just need some ideas of things to check, test, and try. I can't afford to just replace stuff till it is fixed. And I don't have any spares.


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is the gfx card completely dust free? is the cooler attached properly and has no loose contacts? check to see if there are no other tell-tale signs anywhere..

wrt the overheating issue it seems unlikely to be the case since you have no tell tale signs of heat... ie lines and flickering colored dots and the like...


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ok, well I will pull the vid card and check the cooler contact, clean it again really good, and see what happens. If you think of any thing else please let me know.


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Well I checked the contact between my thermaltake GPU cooler and the die, and sure enough, wasn't making crap for contact, so I re-did it. I then tried all the games that I have had a crash on and they all seemed to work fine. It is wierd though that it implies that the GPU was overheating yet I had none of the tell-tale signs. I will see haw things progress over the weekend and see if it happens again.

I cleaned it but it really wasn't dirty at all.

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