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Serious internet slowdown after reinstalling XP



I've been running XPpro with roadrunner cable internet for about 2 weeks now and things were going great. Great speed and quick page loads and downloads.

Over the weekend I decided to reinstall XP (was having some mild crashing problems from buggy programs or something). I figured a clean reinstall after 2 weeks of experience would be good.

Anyhow, after reinstalling XP and setting everything up and reinstalling all my software, I've noticed that internet performance has degraded.

Whereas before pages loaded lightning fast, now it takes at least 5-9 seconds for a page to come up, and another 10 or more seconds for all the graphics and stuff to load. And these are pages like yahoo and espn.com and other pages that I visit very regularly.

I checked my task manager and under network performance it is telling me that my network utilization is usually around 0.14 - 0.3%.

I don't really know what the problem is.
The only other change in my setup is that my roommate also got XPpro and upgraded is previously win98se machine and I gave him my old video card and reinstalled my old ati rage128pro card.

Prior to his upgrade and my reinstallation we had our two computers sharing the cable connection via a dlink 4port cable router/switch. The connections are still unchanged, just the OS's have changed.

Anyhow, I hope someone can help me out with this. Compared to my old 56k modem, speed is still good. but compared to what I had just a few days ago, it has definitely gotten sluggish.

I am running XPpro (fully updated with latest patches etc.) on a PIII750(fsb100) with 512mb of pc133 ram and a 40gb ata100 7200 rpm maxtor drive and an ati rage128 vidcard with 32mb and a dlink 32bit 10/100 pci ethernet card with cat5e cable.

My roommates computer is a pIII700 with 256mb ram 60gb ata66 5400rpm western digital with a leadtek nvidiageforce2mx200 with 32mb ram and a generic 10mbps pci ethernet card.


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If you used any of the MTU or some of those other registry tweaks on your old operating system, you have to reset those tweaks again. Try changing those.



No, I didn't do any speed tweaks or anything like that.

The roadrunner installer set everything up, though I don't think he did anything out of the ordinary, and that was it.

Since reinstalling XP, I havn't made any tweaks or anything else out of the ordinary.


thanks for the hints, i'll be sure to do it.

my main concern was why my cable internet slowed down so noticeably when it wasn't tweaked before.

the roadrunner install guys didn't tweak anything and it ran fast. now it doesn't.

Tweaking will hopefully fix it.

i was just wondering what changed.

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