Serious Hardware Error

•System bus errors
•Memory errors that may include parity or Error Correction Code (ECC) problems
•Cache errors in the processor or hardware
•Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLB) errors in the processor
•Other CPU-vendor specific detected hardware problems
•Vendor-specific detected hardware problems


You got a doozy to solve Ray.. easy way to limit the selections:
1) Run a memtest (which I hope you already did) will get rid of one possible problem out the gate...
2) De-install / remove any devices no matter how insignificant which you may have recently installed... see if this problem reoccurs...
3) Check your CPU&VID TEMPS!! I had this happen in my old Cyrix 6x86 when it started to go bad from overheating... it was 4 years old by then...

After that it is a crap shoot, but once you narrow down some of these it wil give you an idea... if you are overclocking remove the overclock, something maybe unstable now... which also reminds me, if you are overclocking, and you have never had these probelms before, check your voltages and ensure everything it getting what it should and that no voltages are dropping .2 (two-tenths of a volt, with the exception of the 12V rail which can be 11.6 or so) VDC below the reccomended norms...

EDIT: This was listed in MORE INFORMATION: too funny...
•You are running the processor or mainboard beyond its specifications. For example, you are overclocking the processor or bus. We recommend that you run your hardware at the manufacturer-rated speeds.
•Noisy power, overstressed power strips, outmatched power supplies and failing power supplies can destabilize your computer. Make sure that you have a stable, reliable power supply to your computer.
•Extreme thermal conditions caused by the failure of cooling devices such as fans may damage your computer. Make sure that your cooling devices are all working.
•You have damaged memory or memory that is not the correct type for your computer. If you recently changed the memory configuration, revert to the previous configuration to determine what is wrong. Make sure that you are using the correct memory for your computer.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Mike A!
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There was another thread on this Nov 11, 2005 but the link is dead...

Ugly since it only happened twice over several weeks. Pretty much what mlarkid said. Run stress tests on everything, one component at a time.

Back up data first then run memory and CPU stress tests with Sandra or whatever you have handy.

The problem is it could be MB hardware or an add in card too. If it starts getting more frequent then you can start disabling functions and see what clears it up.

I think the case last year turned out to be failing memory, but I'm getting a little senile.
Cheers for the advice guys, I'll run a load of tests and then get back to you. It must be something failing as I've not added anything new since they started (X-fi & new HD were added since the first crash) .

Hopefully it's just something simple but that's not often the case!
Right, after a long Christmas delay including one head-on crash :( I have finally got round to leaving memtest86 on overnight, and the results found no errors with my memory. So that's out of the picture at least, though it would have been simpler if it was a memory problem!

From what I've read on other forums, it could well be the CPU, though my suspicions are with my slightly dodgy ePox motherboard :)
Ray if you seriously think it is a mobo and you want the cheapest mobo with a good track record for reliability I would go with ECS or Gigabyte...

I have NEVER used ECS, I have heard when they first came to market they were a nightmare, but have since fixed most of their issues which were related to contaminated cleanrooms...

I HAVE used gigabyte although since I began overclocking back in 1996.. wow has it been 11 years? Sheesh where does the time go?

ANYWAY, like I was saying, since I began overclocking I have used nothing but Asus.

If you have a friend who has the same series athlon64 I would use the CPU to determine the issue...

Sorry I cant be of more help than that.. :(
ECS is still dodgy. They work ok but all the ones I have had peripherals (on board LAN, video, etc) die after a year or so. I end up having to stick cheap PCI cards in to keep them going.

Gigabyte has been fine for me and check ASUS. Their budget cards are almost as cheap as ECS.
Well, I don't know what do really, as I have no access to spare parts and it only happens sporadically. What I have done is disable my old rubbish IDE HD and just kept my new S-ATA plugged in, as I heard that often it can be an problem resulting from knackered HDs or CDs. Other than that, I might be waiting for to build a new computer in 6 months :)

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