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Serious Error

Everytime I boot my computer I see this:

To see what data this error report contains, "click here" displays:

To view technical information about the error report, "click here" displays:
The links work fine for me.

After the computer gives you that error have you gone into the event viewer to see what application and system errors are listed there?


Did you manage to get this fixed as I have the same problem and would love to know the answer to it.
Exactly how do you know that fix is for this problem?

:) I'd like to know how you researched it...

:confused: Also getting updates that don't apply to your computer; say I don't have this problem for some reason, and decide to download the fix anyway; would that be harmful to the operating system at all?
cire, if ya search around the MS knowledge base you find info about updates like that one that aren't listed through the normal windows update.

It won't hurt the computer if you install it seeing as the problem with the error appearing has to do with a flag in the paging file not being cleared so it thinks it never gave you the error message.

As for other updates affecting the computer if you don't need them it's kind of a per incident basis, normally the knowledge base article containing the update will tell you if its safe or such if you download it anyway.



i keep a constant eye on my windows update catalog, not to mention, it is posted on this website.you can configure your windows update to show the windows update catalog. i applied this fix even though i was not having this problem because i didnot want to deal with it in the future. it didnt cause problems for me,however i would always use updates at your own discretion,as no 1 pc is the same.
Well I just applied the patch and I'm scared to reboot b/c it may not let me back in XP :( It recommends you backup your system; I'm going to reboot now and I will repost here to let you know what happened....

Okay I'm back for all who cares...

Also I have a program called the RivaTuner- can I use that for my GeForce 2MX/400 64Ram card?


I've put the patch in and so far no ill effects and also no error messages either!
I will post back after a couple of days once I've made sure it does work.


Yes the Serious Error Fix patch was just released. I've had this problem all along and couldn't figure it out. I guess what happens let's say you install a new video card or something and WinXP doesn't really like that piece of hardware but let's you install the drivers anyways then when you reboot you will get that Serious Error dialog box along with send don' send to microsoft. I guess MS got smart or bogged down from everybody sending these reports out that they finally had to do something about it.

What happens is that the flag never gets reset even though your piece of hardware that WinXP doesn't like works fine. WinXP on every boot will give you this serious error even though nothing is wrong. I think what this patch does is deletes your files found in the Minidump folder found under the Windows folder. I use to delete these files ocassionally just so I didn't see the Serious Error message. I know that you can disable this kind of error but why disable something that will warn you if something is REALLY wrong.

Tha patch worked great for me so go and get it NOW!!!

Have a great day!!! :)
Welp that error just popped up - after not seeing it for I don't know how long- and it was a minidump file. I just got done playing Tribes2 and got an Unhandled Exception Error and rebooted- and then that serious error was right back in my face and I already applied the MS fix.- that means it doesn't work....


go look in your minidump folder,and see if it deleted em,if not put em to your recycle bin till you make sure nothing goes heywire.
run the fix again,BUT make sure you have the cryptographic service running, as you need this to do windows updates.although it shoulda said error install failed when you applied the patch. what are your system specs? and vid drivers? ect...you probably actually have a hardware,or driver issue,that keeps causing it.....:(



i saw your system specs,hehe shoulda looked first...but what drivers are you using,and did you do an upgrade from like me or 9x? or did you do a clean install.AND GET RID OF THAT RIVA TUNER! if you absoloutly must have a tweak toy, use nvmax....;)
Originally posted by CiRe
Welp that error just popped up - after not seeing it for I don't know how long- and it was a minidump file. I just got done playing Tribes2 and got an Unhandled Exception Error and rebooted- and then that serious error was right back in my face and I already applied the MS fix.- that means it doesn't work....
no, the error should of popped up because as you said, you got a unhandled exception error and the computer rebooted.

All the MS patch does it make sure that the flags are reset...reboot your computer again and the error should be gone.
I have a fresh install of XP Pro and I just got NVMax a couple days ago, and I have tried deleting RivaTuner but can't seem to find it anywhere!

I loads at startup and I don't want to disable it because that is my only warning that it is still on my pc.

The unhandled exception error wasn't from a reboot- it was b/c of a glitch with Tribes2.

Is there anyway I can install ME as a secondary OS as to already having XP on a 40 gig.... I have a secondary 60 gig.... but I'm not sure how to do this....

What would be the best OS of choice to play games with? I'm just sick of error after error.... I have seen more errors than the most computer illiterate person has; but thats a given...

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