Serious Error in XP..



I just upgraded to XP last week. Its been snail-moving since installed...which i was told I needed a bigger video card...I only have 8MB right now from sh*tpaq:eek:

This morning I went to click on a thread and it crashed, then automatically restarted, when it did restart i saw that i lost the history of where i was and I got an error saying "You have just recovered from a serious error":confused:
This is the link it sent me to when I got online

Can anyone help decipher this for me?:eek:


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8mb is fine, my server has a 1mb card in running XP pro, its all it needs.

you upgraded to xp, thats your problem, might sound fast and easy but it causes a million problems.

backup what you need and format then reinstall. most problems will go away then.

(the 1st thing i do to XP is turn off error reporting)

i suggest getting the xp drivers from the compaq website and burning to cd before you do anything like that though.


Oops..I worded that wrong Gonzo...I didnt was a clean install...Something screwed up again trying to get in here..had to reboot :(


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well the spec is a little low, i dont know how slow your snails pace is, but you will notice a big performance hit over the likes of 98 or winME. you would probably find disabling most of the pretty grapic enhancements of XP will appear to speed the system up.

system properties/ advanced / performance, and untick the lot.. see how that helps ( i know it will look like crap)

also make sure u have SP1 installed.


I've already went back to windows classic theme to try to get some better movement. I'll do the other things you said, but i still want to put a larger video card in, I'm just not sure how to get the 8MB card out of the system from compaq


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if its an onboard, you probably got to disable it in bios. if its a PCI or AGP card in the machine, then u take it out and replace it.

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