Serial ATA noob question..


The Idiot Circus Boy
9 Jan 2004
I'm looking into getting a Serial ATA drive to replace my current IDE drive.

My question is, and I'm assuming so: can I setup the SATA drive via the mboard's SATA input and use an IDE Cdrom in conjunction with it? Or do I need to get an IDE <-> SATA adapter to use on the Cdrom? Thanks!
You can use a SATA HD with an IDE CD-ROM without any problems.
Dont forget the SATA drives are master only separate channel drives.
Best connection direct to mobo.
You have to use your CD rom etc on your ordinary IDE channel(s) master / slave setup.
no really, no. the sata and ide versions of the same drive will perform very similarly. but there are new sata-only drives that are looking really good. examples are western digital's 10,000rpm raptors and hitachi's 7200rpm 7k250's.
i have a 37.6gb raptor and it's brilliant, very fast; programs install in a flash, encoding and extracting/zipping times have been cut down a lot and it only takes about 20 seconds to boot up the comp fully (took a day to set up but that turned out to be a stupid thing with my mobo having 2 different s-ata controllers)
Not to mention those itty bitty SATA wires are nice and small for non-restrictive airflow. :)

It's nice not having to mess with the Master/Slave thing too.

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