Serial ATA noob question..


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I'm looking into getting a Serial ATA drive to replace my current IDE drive.

My question is, and I'm assuming so: can I setup the SATA drive via the mboard's SATA input and use an IDE Cdrom in conjunction with it? Or do I need to get an IDE <-> SATA adapter to use on the Cdrom? Thanks!


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Dont forget the SATA drives are master only separate channel drives.
Best connection direct to mobo.
You have to use your CD rom etc on your ordinary IDE channel(s) master / slave setup.


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no really, no. the sata and ide versions of the same drive will perform very similarly. but there are new sata-only drives that are looking really good. examples are western digital's 10,000rpm raptors and hitachi's 7200rpm 7k250's.


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i have a 37.6gb raptor and it's brilliant, very fast; programs install in a flash, encoding and extracting/zipping times have been cut down a lot and it only takes about 20 seconds to boot up the comp fully (took a day to set up but that turned out to be a stupid thing with my mobo having 2 different s-ata controllers)


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Not to mention those itty bitty SATA wires are nice and small for non-restrictive airflow. :)

It's nice not having to mess with the Master/Slave thing too.

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