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Serial ATA Drives?


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I'm currently in the market for a new hard drive, since one of my old drives have failed. Since my new mobo has Serial ATA capabilities, I'm wondering if there are any Serial ATA drives out there?

Also, admittedly, I haven't bought a non-Western Digital drive in ten years, mostly because I used to get conflicts between different hard drives from different manufacturers. Is that an issue anymore, or is that as much of a relic as the old i486? ;)



but i think the serial ata will not produce significant result....
even the ata133 harddisk also havent been full utilized...
there is also a SATA to IDE adaptor availible from Highpoint, but you have get their SATA PCI card as well as it all comes in a pack.

That comment was less for you and more for people who look at this thread and want to give SATA a try but dont want new drives.


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Thanks for the info, but what has bothered me is that I cannot locate where I can even buy these drives, let alone a price.

Does anyone know where I could find such information?



Serial ATA is hardly worth it right now.

I would wait till the prices drop and the speed goes up.
Agreed ... benchmarks don't show any really significant performance gains at this time. In fact, the last one I read, SATA had slower read speeds than a ATA/133 drive with 8MB cache. The write speed of SATA drives is definitely faster, but not very noticeable.

Besides, those things cost quite a bit more than current drives.


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Well, I made a decision on this as well. I'm getting a Western Digital 200 GB "Special Edition" drive. I'm getting a new retail/boxed drive for $199 ($95 in instant rebates and a $65 mail-in rebate)!

There is a great sale going on right now at Micro Center (http://www.microcenter.com/). I don't know how many of you have dealt with this place before, but I've never found a retail computer store that can have such blow-out prices certain times of the year. I got an 8-port SMC Barricade router for $70.00 from them last fall. It was regularly priced at $180.00.



Yeah,right now SATA is just about neck and neck with ATA133,..(150mbs).
But man o'man will it take off in the next few years.
upwards of 400 Mbs....and no messin' with those lil' jumpers
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