September 2004 Desktop Screen Shots

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I'm sorry Hal...
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Desktops galore, lets have some more ;p.

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I'm Beginning Somehow...
:mad: :mad: You beat me to it... I've been waiting.. And you beat me to it...

:D :D Oh well Nice desktop.. :)

Ok.. Now for something completely different from my usual..

Theme = Lila XP complete suite.. for Windowblinds, Greyscaled by me, except icons.
Rainlander mod by me - from my da site, Objectdock Plus

The rest is self explanitary....

^ " Breathe Neo, Just breathe..... " ^


Argentinean Dogo
Nice one Beginning! Do you prefer Windowblinds rather than Style XP?
Well, here is mine:
Style XP: Waning Luna theme
Object Dock Plus
Rainmeter: Sytem ESP Theme modded by me: translation to spanish, added a foldersize routine (at the bottom)
Wallpaper by me. (PS: if you want one with your name on it, just ask)
Guess thats all!



I may actually be insane.
Mine at the moment:

XRG Running on the left, default theme and default icons (@40x40), AZClake1600x1200.jpg wallpaper.

Menu Bar: You Control iTunes, Fuzzy Clock, iChat, Bluetooth, Menumeters (Network, Memory, Pagefile, Disk I/O), Volume, iSync, Menumeters (Cpu1, Cpu2), KeyChain, User Switch.


I'm Beginning Somehow...
@Sazar - Thanks.. I really like that HmmXP setup.. Very minimal :)

@Silvo - Thank you. I don't think I prefer it, it's just that there are a few other themes for it not everyone has posted like a gazillion different ways by now.. :) Nice fuzzy desktop you got there.. :D

@SPeedY_B - Awesome setup there.. :) Can you link me to the wal? and how did you do the time that way?


I may actually be insane.
Haven't an arsing clue where the wall came from, uploaded it for you instead:

As for the clock, I use FuzzyClock there are linux counter-parts of the same name (I believe it's even a standard option in KDE) however I don't know about Windows versions. :)

edit: D'oh. I guess it came from Macdesktops, can't see that with my menubar over the top, heh. :p


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Thanks man... I should have known the clock was for MAc... :) Thanks anyway.

Ps - Whould someone be nice and get me a Mac for my b-day?.. :D


F@H - Is it in you?
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running with avedesk and classix windows media player skin...

avedesk systats for calendar (horizontal) and time zones...
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F@H - Is it in you?
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you bastid :D

I was moving the stuff and blam... they were gone :cool:

beat me by one min...
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