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Sendto... Tweak



from http://www.boomspeed.com/tongawonga/xperiecetweaks.htm
Add to "Send To" option (in right-click)
(by Perris, aka dealer)

We're gonna show you how to put your own send to's in the right click.

Windows' Send To is such a time saver ... right click on a file in an Explorer window or on the desktop, hit send to, and puff ... the fujisim goes straight to the floppy , or desktop as a shortcut, or the Documents folder, or to an email...ha...this is great!...so now lets make it more valuable ... add your own shortcuts to the send to, and send to notepad, or your choice of files, or whatever ... here's how you do it;

To add a shortcut to the Send To menu ... hit the windows key+r ... then type Sendto, and enter ... right click on a blank spot in the folder, hit new, Shortcut to launch a wizard that'll let you quickly create shortcuts ... yessss

is it possible to set a shortcut up so you can send to a particular email address automatically? I realise you still perhaps need to press "Send" in the email box and "Send/Receive" (if auto sending is off), but is it possible for the "To:" box to be filled in already??

edit: i can send stuff to notepad and to certain folders... just not to a specified email address. ive tried making a shortcut to (for example) mailto:me@me.com and then linking to it by another shortcut in the sendto folder... that didnt work either :/


You don't need to link it. Just create the shortcut you want and drag & drop it to the sendto folder.

:eek: Sorry, don''t work! Says cannot find :send!Any other way???Cheers.I do have 'send to' as a right click option, but I appear not to have a 'Send to' folder?????Oh dear.It is in' Documents and settings/user'. NOT in the Windows folder.


Send to

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Open windows explorer go to the windows folder, find the SendTo folder & right click the sendTo folder and create shortcut, then cut & paste that into the sendTo folder. now u have sendTo in the right click menu, Copy any shortcut you want to use to the desktop, then right click choose sendto / sendto, and shorcut disappears off the desktop as if by magic and into the right click sendto menu.
Repeat process until happy...............

hope u find this usefull :cool: :cool:


1) You do have a SendTo folder
2) If you are using XP it is not in your Windows folder
3) It is probably in Docs & Settings / Username. Simple way to find it is with Search.


lo - I tried doing that (creating a shortcut to "mailto:email@domain.com" in sendto folder) and when I went to "sendto", there was no email shortcut there that I had jus created :/

thats kinda why I asked for some assistance :)


You might have more than one SendTo Folder (don't ask, it's an XP thing), but only one counts. If you put a shortcut in the correct SendTo folder it will appear in the send to item in the context menu - it has no choice :)

Try doing a search on the HD for SendTo


I put a shortcut for a folder into the sendto folder and it worked... but i put a shortcut to an email address and it didnt even display in the folder... i tried it in the "sendto" folder for the actual user I was logged on with, and also in the "Default User\sendto" folder with both giving me the same results :(

do u think its an xp thing as to why it wont work at all? perhaps I need to make the shortcut in a different way?

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