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Sempron CPU question


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Hi Guys,

I bought a Sempron 2400+ CPU yesterday. I am looking at the specs on this CPU on the AMD website. By the looks of it, AMD just brought back the Thoroughbred and called it the Sempron and just underclocked it to 1.667. What is the difference between the thoroughbred core and this Sempron core?

Thanks in advance,



Actually, the only difference between an Athlon XP Thoroughbred and a Sempron is... one is called Athlon XP, the other Sempron. The core is exactly the same from what I have read. The Sempron is basically the new rival to Celerons.


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Only the Sempron 3100+ is socket 754. The rest of the line is socket A. They are being used to breathe new life into socket A systems. Most motherboard manufacturers only have to do a BIOS update to make them comnpatible. The socket A Semprons are 333FSB, and are basically the Duron replacements, based on the Barton architecture. Higher versions are supposed to come out for socket 754.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Mine is a socketA 2400+

And it has the same cache as a Throroughbred core. (64+64L1, 256L2).

I think AMD rebadged the t-bred.

I paid $72.00 CDN for this Sempron2400+, The place where I picked it up sells the T-bred2400+ for $120.00 CDN. So I am trying to figure out why the huge difference for the same spec'd chip. Maybe just the outside spec numbers on these chips are the same, but their guts are different. Who knows.



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