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Selective read-only attrib on all folders



I have Windows XP Professional installed on my home network which is a member of an Active Directory

However I don't believe this has any relevance to the issue

The problem is when I look at the properties of a folder, the folder displays a "selective read-only" attribute, meaning that the read only attribute is "checked" with a grey check mark

Whenever I remove this attribute, on any folder, it removes successfully, but when I look at the properties of the object again the attribute remains.

Does anyone have any idea why that would be happening???
I've noticed this too...I'm not sure for the reason but I know that it doesn't work...even though the folder says that it is read only you can still add, copy, and delete it and anything in it...so it seems to just be a bug in it being highlighted or a part of the os doing it that i'm not fully sure about

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