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Sega Dreamcast


I may actually be insane.
Anyone out there still use their Dreamcast?
I noticed i still owned one earlier this morning ;) and decided to start using it again.
Having played for an hour or so on Quake1 and Doom I wanted to know what other people have played/ran on the DC

So far i've managed to play/use the following

Linux - Slow, but there's no HD, so its acceptable :)
Doom1 - Sweet as :D
Quake1 - Original Quake, With D3D rendering, perfect!
VCD Player - Not too bad, low fps can be noticed in places
Mp3 Player - does what it says on the tin.
DivX Player - Needs to be a specific BitRate and res, ones i played didnt work to well.
NES Emulator - Does a nice job
GameBoy emu - Used an early soundless version, runs fine otherwise.
There's possibly others i can't remember right now.

So what have others used the DC for........?


I may actually be insane.
It may actually be possible to get a stripped down basic form of unix running on a MegaDrive 2 (I should imagine its already been considered by the NetBSD Team, they're port-a-holics :D) You'd need some sort of writable cartridge tho or an adapter to hook it up to a source it can read from ... Could be quite an interesting idea ;)

I thought i'd post some "screenies" i have of my DC running Linux and Doom

Original Doom

Does anyone know of any manuals or downloads for running these type of apps in the PSX? I have a PSX with a modchip in it, so it can play burned CD's. I did a search on Google for it, but the sites were all to vague for me and hard to understand.


I may actually be insane.
I highly doubt the psx has anything like this for it, after all its a 2mb 33mhz system where-by the Dreamcast is a 200Mhz RISC 16mb system with 12x gd-rom and a modem.
When the dreamcast production was ceased people deicided to make there own use for it, whereby the PS never stopped, it's still alive today.

the closest thing on a sony platform is the PS2 Linux which is an official release by sony.
I know that, but for games like Doom and Quake it would be perfect, the PSX chip is designed specifically for games, perhaps there are some handy programmers who make a (lite) version of the original Doom for the PSX. I know that there is a official release of Doom for the PSX (1996, The Ultimate Doom) and for Quake (1999, Quake 2), but I am just curious to know what people could make out of it.


I may actually be insane.
Yes those games have been optimised and 100% coded (or re-coded) by large teams of professionals.
Doom will run on almost anything :)
And the quake2 port was appauling compared to the PC version, whereas the DC version of quake is Direct 3D accelerated and is an improvement over the PC one.

As i said the psx cpu runs at 33mhz therefore wont run anything that hasnt been made specifically for it.

The dreamcast runs on a RISC cpu at a clock speed of 200MHz also it uses a Windows CE base, making it a much easier candidade to make custom software for.

Also the fact you can make a bootable CD straight out the burner for Dreamcast where you'd need to get a PSX chipped to run un-official software again makes it a lot easier :)


I may actually be insane.
Well i have both and i prefer the dreamcast, im not a gamer as such and find the development for the dreamcast interesting, where as i think the PS2 is a nasty cheap ass designed console, made by sony who are just corporate whores and will do anything to get your money.
Sega on the other hand wanted to make a high quality console along with the highest quality games (it cant be denied sega make some of the best games out there!)

Anyway thats not the point, I originaly started this thread to find out if anyone else used they're dreamcast for interesting means, not to find out if people think that it "sucks"
the controller of DC caused pain to my fingers.especially when I play Quake3 because of that stupid little stick on left upper corner.
DC didn't get any support from 3d party programs such as Konami.


I may actually be insane.
The dreamcast controller has to be the most comfortable i have ever used.
And i played my way through Quake3 with a keyboard and mouse! Quake should be played no other way :)

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