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Security Question

Whenever Microsoft releases a new OS (I have XP) inevitably the first few "fixes" announced are security fixes. Somehow a "malicious user" can get into your system and blah, blah,blah.

My question is this. If you have an Internet Security Program installed and running (Norton, McAffee, etc) do you really still need to correct these security flaws.

My assumption is that if there is a security flaw in IE6 or XP or whatever and someone tried to exploit it your Internet Security Program would stop it. Right?

I would appreciate your input on this?


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actully, it's recommanded that you install those security fixes cuz no good firewall could pervent a hacker from getting into your system and disableing your firewall, all the hacker really have to do is to exploit and bang, can do some damage without even haveing to hack into your system and without any firewall noticeing. but who knows, Firewalls are getting better each time, but then again, firewalls are open to the public and the hackers can download them, findout the coding, find a peice that could pervent the firewall to work, and get right in.

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