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Security Enhanced Distros?

I have been, over the past few months, looking at the various distributions of linux that completely focus on Security, or Hacking and Cracking whatever perspective you wish to look on this subject. So far I have tried:
  • Knoppix STD
  • Auditor
  • Whax currently downloading to try

Im just wondering from people who have used such distro's which for them seems to be the better. Are there any other significant distro's that I havn't listed above?

What im looking for is the one with the smallest resource footprint, the most applications, the most functionality and most importantly the highest level of compatibility. Something that offers a HD-installer would be nice too :)


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knoppixSTD is a real good distro...but I have been using PHLAK since v0.1

It has more "nifty" options in my opinion. :)
I need something that I can use with no setup whatsoever, yet still achieve a working 802.11g connection with various chipsets. In my experience BSD isnt too great at this, its far too much configuration than what I require.
heh if anything BSD is less configuration than linux has for a good 2 years :)

FreeBSD 6 supports 802.11g with WPA out of the box - give it a try.

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