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security apps question


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i'm planning on buying new security products, and i've narrowed down the options to two

maybe u guys can help me decide...

first was getting the new eset smart security, which comes with nod32, firewall and some lil extras

second was getting just the lastest nod32 and using comodo as a firewall

well, the second one is cheaper, of course, but im a bit worried about how those two products work together (like, any incompatibilities or something?) and also whether the performance varies from the suite thingy

oh, another note.. i dont really care for antispam or parental controls
and i will keep using spybot for good spyware cleaning (tho i've never had any yet, better safe than sorry)

and last but not least, if anyone has any other soft u wanna recommend, feel free :]

thanks in advance


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im guessing that means i shouldnt expect any problems :]

do u think the sys resource usage will be lower than eset smart sec? thats kind of a big deal to me cos i'll be getting them for my dad's laptop too, and its kinda slow now


Excellent antivirus software and free of charge like AVG Free Edition or Avast Home Edition plus Comodo Firewall it's the best deal imo


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Comodo has easy to understand configurations for the noobie and awesome tweaks for advanced users who want to set their own rules. The Defense+ can't be beat either. Only thing I have to say is that the D+ will slow down initially running programs like installers, etc even in Clean PC Mode.
Comodo has also managed to take first place in the Matousec firewall challenge.

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