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Secure Format


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Hi All

I need to replace one of my new hard drives I have been using in my Server, as it’s on its way out (fails drive self test, is slow, noisy and has corrupted some data). Where was one of my server drives it obviously contains all my data.

What is the best way to securely format this so that when it is tested as part of the RMA, my data is not easily recovered by a bored IT dept?

Many Thanks


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if it's a fairly recent SATA drive, I always recommend secure erase that uses the built in wipe commands built into the ATA standard.

Another great utility which I can also recommend is DBAN


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Thanks guys, I am sure there was a thread on this a while ago but could not seem to find it.... Oh well the disk gets picked up tomorrow so your options were perfectly timed! what's more they are free :D


Woah.. I'm still here?
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just to clarify, the file that carpo included is the secure erase utility that I linked to in my post.


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All done, only snag was due to some form of protection I had to switch it to the second channel to wipe the drive, its all boxed up now hopefully it will be a quick turn about. Thanks again :)

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