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Secondary HDD help


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hi i just bought a new hdd and its gunna be a scondary drive and ive never had much success in adding drives with the ones i already have so would some one give me a detaled guide to do it plz.

Bytes Back

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First you need to work out if the drive is going to be on its own cable or with your other harddrive.

Assuming that its going to be with your other hard drive then you need to set it to be a slave. This is done with jumpers normally at the back in between the power connector and the ide connector.

Now put the drive in the machine and insert the ide cable and power cable. The red line on the ide cable goes to pin1 and is always next to the power connector.

Boot up the machine and the BIOS should detect a new drive, you'll see it listed assuming your bios doesn't hide all its messages.

Boot into XP and then go to the control panel and find administrative tools then computer management.

Click on disk management and you should see your new hard drive. Right click on it and chose to make a primary partition. It will probably ask you what letter you want it to be.

When thats done, right click and chose format. ( quick format is amazingly fast )

Use new drive

Phew :)

Bob S

Also, if you want to make it a bootable drive, you will need to alter your boot.ini file. This will give you the second drive on your XP startup menu. How you do this will depend on how you set up the secondary drive.


OSNN Addict
rite the reason why i bought the secondary drive is so i can boot from win98 and also have a choice to boot from winxp.
so how would i got about that?

Bob S

OK, let's make some assumptions:

XP is the primary and W98 is the slave on the same ide. You have only the one partition on each drive.

Is this correct?

If so, I will put the instructions on this link tonight. If not, let me know what is correct and I will write those out.

Signing off until I get home tonight. I think I am 6 hours behind you.

Bob S

Great!! I was about to give you step by step. By the way, we run the same motherboard.

Good Luck

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