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Second Hard drive


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I have a 60gb Hard drive and have used it up so i installed a second hard drive - 80gb.

My question:

Can i configure my windows xp to use both hard drives to put files on? Particulary the Programs files and My Documents.
I would really like to end up with the system files etc on my first drive and the entire programs folder and my documents on the other to share the used disk space.

Is this possible? If not then can i still set up windows to share all files between the two?

Thanks, any help is much appreciated as my computer has got v v slow from the full hard drive.


Computer specs (if needed):

Windows XP sp2
MS Office 2003 Pro
AMD XP 2200+
1gb RAM
ATI 9800 128mb Graphics Card


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You can install applications like Office or AV softwares to run off the 2nd HD by changing the installation folder to the 2nd HD. e.g. when it asks you which folder to install in (C:/program files) which is default, you can change it to be (D:/program files). However, although most of the files will be installed on D: some system files will still be installed on C: as it may be put in the windows folder.


OSNN Advanced
With regards to My Documents. Open the folder, then right click on the open space and select properties. there you will find the target path of storage. Again, you can change the drive from C: to D: or whichever drive letter you have available for the 2nd HD.

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