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whenever i type in an address into ie sometimes it starts to search at a website and refers me to search and also msn search! they are both pissing me off how can i disable both. btw all these websites i know exist the way i typed them in. and yes there is no www. for teachers web blah blah i even tried it with the www. and same thing! this has been happeing for atleast 2 months but its realy getting on my nerves now!


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THANKS MAN I THINK THAT DID IT! its not giving me that anymore but ill post it if it happens later agian thanks for that lil progie!:happy: :happy: :happy:


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why are u typing the address of a site into a search engine? if you know the address why don't u type it in the address bar? unless you are doing it like that for a reason that u haven't said yet I dunno :blink:


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ok i type it in (any address) i guess it just picks random addresses that are not known like yahoo or NTFS!:p . and then when i press enter it waits like a sec and makes the click sound meaning its going to another page and i see in the status bar that its connecting to some page on and then anther click and it takes me to sorry its not i made a mistake!


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I tryed going to the address that you had typed in the screenshot and IE wouldn't go and when it can't goto or find a site it gives u suggestions for what the site address might be or sends u to a engine maybe u type something wrong? I checked what u had on the screen to make sure I didn't type it wrong like 3 times and it still wouldn't go.


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nope that and other sites!

nope that site should work. well that and other sites do that! any site and ones im positive work!


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are u on xp? what version of IE are you using if not? Have you considered running netscape or another browser? netscape is only about 12-16 megs if it bugs u that much it might be worth it.


Sounds like your browser has been Hijacked, you should download spybot , this can aslo be cause by a JS script virus, so run update your AV and run that too.


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Originally posted by rettahc
Sounds like your browser has been Hijacked, you should download spybot , this can aslo be cause by a JS script virus, so run update your AV and run that too.
YEAH THANKS ALOT IT FOUND LIKE 2 or 3 redirects!!!!!! now im a happy campper!:happy: :happy: :happy:

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