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searching for a song title


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

I have heard this song before, never knew who sings it, can someone tell me?

One line of the lyrics goes like this:

"I see you baby, shakin dat A$$"

I just heard it again on a movie my wife and I were watching "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson. The scene in which he walks in on his daughter making out with her boyfriend.

Anyone know who sings this tune?




I'm Beginning Somehow...
Well... It sounds kinda like a Rap song.. Not sure though, But if you heard it in the movie also.. You can watch the end credits of the movie, and nine times out of ten the names of the sonds used in the movie are listed there... That should get you where you're trying to go.. :)

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
What he said ^^^ except it's "I see you baby, shakin that ass" not dat. I can't stand those people who can't speak properly and use the word dat or use these stupid words in song titles, like wit or u :speechless:
I love their songs "At The River" and "If Everybody Looked The Same" :D
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