search by address bar faulty



right can someone explain why for the life of god I can't stop the searching by address bar from using a chinese site as the search engine..

its getting extremly annoyingnow and I can't read chines...

I checked the advance propeties for search and that pointing at msn...
even removed all refereneces to the chinese thing in the REG but can I search by a non chinise search engine NO

any help PLEASE


simple questions: before removing chinese stuff in reg, have you flushed temp file and history? try to find/delete any cookies of the search site. Maybe (only a supposition) it's a kind of spyware so you could scan your PC with Ad-Aware and a good updated anti-virus.

Hope this will help!


You wouldn't believe it but I found the problem in the end ...
something installed it self with out my knowledge..
it showed up in add/remove programs..
chinese text thingy can't remeber exactly what it was called...

the best thing was when you go to unistall it it it takes you to a webpage / script in chinese I mean man how the hell you supposed to work out which buttons to press unless your fluent in chinese lol..

anyway after a few bits of guessing I got it removed succesfully and all is back to normal

Thanks for your reply though