Seagate or Maxtor hard drive pt.II



I've asked before but wanted some new input if it's out there.

I am looking to get a new 80gb harddrive and am trying to decide between a Seagate Barracuda IV (7200rpm ata100) and a Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 (7200rpm ata133).

My main priority is a quiet drive, but I also want relatively good performance as well.

The Seagate is an older model and performancewise not a match for the Maxtor, but I know it is a damn near silent drive, which is what I want.

The Maxtor is a new model and as ata133 as well as allaround faster performance, but I don't know how quiet it runs. Supposedly it runs quiet too, but I dont know for sure.

I can get either for about the same price and my mobo does support ata133. However, my main priority is a quiet drive given that the Seagate, though slower, performs well enough. However, if the Maxtor is just as or almost as quiet as the Seagate, I'd obviously prefer the newer faster drive.

So anyone have experience with the new Maxtor? is it almost silent like the Seagate?

I had that seagate drive for a week. It's quiet. It's nice and it's very quiet.

My friend runs it now, for some time, as a 24/7 drive, no problems with it. Doesn't run hot either.

Maxtors are nice, but the only Maxtor drive I have ever used is a 8GB one :p

I would go for the Seagate drive.
I've never tried Maxtors, but I've had a great experience with Seagate ... and yes, they are very quiet drives.
That's two for the Seagate so far :happy:
Haven't used Seagate for around 6 years, but the last time I had one around (at work) I was able to retrieve all my data off of it after my asshat cow-orker decided to take it out of my machine and drop it on the floor (imaging what a 727 sounds like spooling up at the airport). Wouldn't boot, but I got everything I needed off of it.

I'm currently in the process of RMA'ing a Maxtor after less than a year and a half of average use. You make the call.
Hey man
Get the maxtor drive. It's very quiet. I have it.
Be sure to get the 8mb buffer version.
But wait a little while, to get the new firmware revision
version. Since that one is faster. Apparently
maxtor had some problems with 80gb platters.
But in the new revision this is fixed. And the drive
will be a whole lot faster.
As for the rest. ata 133 great, 8.5 acces time, great,
8mb buffer, awesome. quite drive fluid dynamic motos,
great, and shock protection and much much more.
I love this drive thats for sure, and i have to old revision
i think.

Ok laterz
Thanks for the info yngwieII.

Do you know when the new firmware revision will come out?

Can I get a current Diamondmax plus 9 and just upgrade the firmware later? do you know if they will offer it as a download?

I have 4 maxtors running in unison in my case and they are all whisper quiet. Im not puttin down seagate though since Ive never used one but I hear good things about them. ata/133 would lean me towards the maxtors.
I've had 3 Maxtors, and they've outlasted every other brand drive I've tried to date...except for the Samsungs I've just purchased (only time will tell). I still use a 6GB Maxtor Fireball for storage of comic books I've downloaded.

The Seagates I've had were cheap, quiet and slow as anything I've ever seen.

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