SCSI Hard Drive Problem


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6 Jan 2004
One of my SCSI IBM "Deathstars" has gone on vacation. BIOS sees it and XP sees it but says "unrecognizable format" in Device Manager. Ghost & Partition Magic Rescue don't even see the drive. I used a DOS MBR recovery disk and it sees all 3 partitions on the drive but that is the only utility I have found that sees them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I run 9 scsi drives and have never seen this. Have you tried running Windows checkdisk from a command prompt? Also you might try during scsi bios select "Ctrl+A" and run the disk utilities that come with your scsi host card. Is this an 80Pin drive with an adapter, or a normal 68Pin? Make sure that the ID jumper didn't fall off.
Thanks, Dick, I'll try the SCSI utilities. I can't run scandisk because, although Device Manager shows the drive, the drive letters are gone in Explorer. It is a 68 oin drive and the jumper is there.
I didn't realize the drive letter was gone. You might try Disk Management and see if the drive is shown. It might be there as "Healthy" and a correct format, but lost the drive letter. I have had this happen many times if I've added a temp USB device. Try right clicking the drive in Disk Management and see if you can just add a drive letter without it wanting to format the drive. Also IBM's web site have a utility program that will check the drive in DOS. Next option is to put into another machine with scsi and see if the drive is OK.
Another option if you can't put the drive in another scsi machine. Go to this site and download PE-Builder. This will generate a bootable operating system independent of your system and can access all Fat or NTFS partitions.

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