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I am attempting to build my first computer and I have a hypothetical question. What if I got a Tyan S2095A Motherboard Socket and it's inergrated PCI IDE supports ATA-100/66/33 IDE and ATAPI compliant devices, but say I want a SCSI or Ultra SCSI 10K or 15K rpm harddrive. Is the only thing that I need is an SCSI controller or is it more complicated than that? Thanks!


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nope... thats basically all you need... a scsi controller card... :)

now if you are purchasing a mobo... you MIGHT want to look into getting one that supports ata-133 and serial ata standards (serial ata = ata-150 or so)...

but for scsi... just get a proper pci controller card and you are all set...


yeah ..

yeah, I changed my mind on that board, will probly go with an Asus, but that is still up in the air, gotta find an ATX board that fits my case. At any rate .. you were talking about a board supporting ata-133 and serial ata standards, what does that mean? I mean I have read numerous and numerous articles before I even thought about building my own, but that is one of the two things I still didnt have a grasp on (the other being the SCSI, but now I know). What is ata-133 and serial ata and for that matter ata 100/66/33. What does all that stand for?

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