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Scrryteen Goes Black...


Dabba Dooba
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I am fixing my best bud's aunts laptop and I got everything fixed besides her screen going black for a second and then back to normal. Sometimes its does it alot and then the screen goes fuzzy. Sometimes it wont do it for awhile and then it could randomly do it once.

Anybody have an suggestions on what it could be?

She said it just started doing it yesterday and she wasn't online when it happend.

She has a warrenty so if its a hardware problem she can send it in.

Edit: Some change my title to screen goes black lol

She vaccumed a few keys up earlier when cleaning it. I told her after she called me that she could of just got compressed air at the store haha


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I would think the video card may be on the way out. If the warranty is in place, that would be a good option to explore.
Hardware problem.

Bad high voltage power supply, intermittent wire in the flex from the base to the screen, etc. It could be a loose connection you could fix, but with a laptop under warantee it's not worth screwing with. Especially if it's display related.


Dabba Dooba
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I figured it was the video card or atleast a hardware problem.

I will give her a call tomorrow and tell her to go ahead with sending it in.

Her laptop seems to have alot of hardware problems. She has already sent it in twice for two other problems.

Thanks guys :)

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