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Scripting Scandisk/Defrag/anti-virus etc.


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I want to setup the PC at home so that at say 1am - the PC is defragmented, 2am - scandisk + full surface scan, 3am - virus scan the PC, etc. It is possible to automate the whole process using a series of scripts?




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the pay version of diskeeper 7 does smart schedule and it can also do it in the background when the pc is idle, very good program.


Just use task scheduler. Just space em out far enough to make sure that one prog is completed before the next starts. (I think scan disk with full surface scan is gonna take more than an hour.)


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Thanks for your help guys. The only problem is how do you automate the scandisk process? For example, how do I get Scandisk process to start and close down when it's finished, same applies to disk defragmenting (although that we will addressed when I get my hands on a copy of Diskkeeper), Virus Scanning and Ad-aware scanning.

I thought Task Scheduler just starts the application, but cannot choose for example, requests for information from dialog boxes, etc. Which is why I thought scripting might have been a way forward as having to close down apps, reply to dialog boxes, etc. kinda eliminates the point of the PC doin' it's business why I'm asleep.

Thanks again



Well, the Task Scheduler has the option to shutdown an app after so long. You might could also check the event log to see what dialogs the different progs come up with. If you know how to script all that tho, please let us know.


Task Scheduler

All you need is task sceduler.
You have to go into the program settings and set them up.
On my Win98SE system I had:
Disk Clean up (whatever it's called) Weekly
Scandisk setup for not showinging any messages close on complete/finish weekly.
Another running a full scan w/o messages, close on complete/finish monthly
Defrag all drives once a week 15% frag. also no messages, close on complete/finish

Try all the settings:
It allows running in background, pausing when system gets off idle, starting task from idle, etc.

Everything's there if you look.


You could use AutoIt. Script what you need. It remembers mouse movements and keystrokes. Might be your last resort. :huh:

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