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Screwed LAN card?

My motherboard ( sig ) has build in LAN card. Every once in a while, the computer Windows XP will loose the internet connection, meaning; the net work status will be allright and connected, but, I will not be able to go online in any way. I have reset my modem, my router, and still nothing. I reinstalled Windows, and reset the modem, and ran Road Runner install software, it it seemed fine. Then it happened again. And once more, and now, once more. I used the above to fix it, but frankly I am sick of having to do that. I'm sure it's not my router, because I had the same problem with a DLink router, now I got a Linksys...so what do you think it is; my modem, or my LAN card. And if it's my lan, I really don't feel like sending my whole mobo back, I don't even know if I can do that in the first place. I just put in an old 3Com card, and it works fine for the time being, otherwise I would not be online. So any ideas anyone? Help would be very much appreciated, thanks bundles.



hardware monkey
is the 3com card a nic you're using for your broadband? if so, does it work fine? if it does, then the onboard nic of your mobo might be screwed and you should just use the pci nic. there won't be a loss in speed or anything.
It seems fine right now, the 3Com card, yes it works fine. Just wondering, if onboard is screwed, which it most likely is, beacause it stops working, should I return the mobo, or, it is not worth it.?
that sounds like an onboard NIC problem, also try not to install any of your ISPs software if you can avoid it. i found that comcast bundles a lot of un wanted software in theirs.

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