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Screensaver not turning on

I just build an athalo xp 2400 512 ram blah blah blah...
fresh install of win XP pro

the screensaver will not turn on ever
it will just sit there for hours
i have changed the times to turn on from 10 to 1 mins
nothing works

how the hell do i get it to turn on???
ive never seen this problem before


- geek -
you don't have any background apps that might be keeping your system from becoming idle do you? i'm just trying to come up w/ an idea :) also what do you have set for power management settings?


Try another screen saver!

{I doubt he is reading this probably drowning his sorrows in beer made in Anderlect- he he}


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Celtic, don't worry, we know you're not the moron behind it. Microsoft is. DAMNIT!!! why did i say that...... hope Gates isn't watching....... *Smacks Hand* Bad hand...... Why did you make my mind make me think about making my mind tell you to type that......:eek:
Do you want the screen saver or the energy saver function?

Below screen saver is Monitor Power. Open that window. Under power schemes is a drop down menu. Make sure it is set to Home/Office Desktop. Make the choices on the menus below for monitore, disks, etc, Then "save as" and that will be your settings for power management.

There are energy saver settings in bios also. They should already be set to allow windows to control power management but it is worth checking also.

Finally there is a setting somewhere (I can't remember where or if it's in Win XP) that has an option "keep alive". It will override the screen saver, energy saver, etc. Find it and make sure it is not on.
i found power management settings in the bios
nothing to do with the suspend mode or anything that looked related to the problem
any idea at all where the keep alive option is?
figured it out
it was the mouse
i disconnected it and it acted normal
the mouse wasnt moving or anything
it is just the mouse in general
so a new mouse has solved the problem

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