Screen stays dark on laptop start up




Just got a new laptop with Windows XP Pro, when i turn it on the opening info (BIOS writing etc) can clearly be seen, however as soon as the windows XP logo shows the screen goes almost totally black (you can just about make it out)... windows then loads as normal... then after a random amount of time the screen brightens up and i can continue on. It only happens on startup, doesnt go dark once its loaded. I have had a look in the BIOS and cant see any monitor settings and I cant see anything in XP. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Thanks for any help



check the mfg site for a and BIOS updates that may address this issue.. if there are none contact the mfg tech support and run this by them.. it could be faulty hardware and they may tell you to take it into a service centre for repair.. if the unit is within 30 days of purchase you should be able to exchange it at the shop you bought it from..


I had this problem once

Try this out, it fixed it for me.
Start your computer up in SAFE mode (usually its hold down F8 for the menu to pop up for what mode you want to start in) If you can get the mode, 1 way to get it is to force quit your computer while its starting up XP, then next time you restart that menu will come up. Anyways, start in SAFE mode, then go to System Tools and run the System Restore (you MUST be loged in as a user with admin Privileges) and choose the date when last time it worked. Let it do its thing and reboot. This fixed my problem. I don't know what causes it, but it hasn't happened since. Good Luck! :D


Try :- Tapping the 'F8' key on as soon as the memory check has finnished and from the WinXP boot menu choose 'Enable VGA Mode'. This should solve your prob.


Tried the safe mode thing, and enabling VGA mode but neither seem to of done the trick... just checking the evesham site for any updates... I emailed their supported yesterday but havnt got a response, think I will phone them sometime as it will be quicker...

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If you are talking brand spanking new then the best thing you could do is return it & swap it for another one without the problem.


yeah, it is new, but taking it back and swapping it takes at least a week cos they send it off then i have to wait for another one to be build, so i wanna try and sort it out first if i can... if not then yeah it will be going back


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there should be a key combo to go from lcd to vga(monitor) port to both if not then maybe plug monitor in port and see if boots to that then in video setting see if theres a choice of screen to switch it back to lcd

had that prob before..... they prob use monitor to setup/load and maybe forgot to switch it back

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