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Screen Saver hotkey.

Oh yes, one more question.

Any way that I can set the password so that it does not appear for the logon screen part, just the screen saver?

I'm running XP Pro


Come on Nick M - what do you want "blood out of a stone"?

I managed to find the "shortcut key" for you and now I am supposed to stumble upon something about passwords?:D :D :D

Just joking - I have not really been looking - but if I get a chance, and no one else helps - I'll look around!;)
I realize! Thanks damnyank! Really.

I'v been looking myself, can't find anything.

I just don't want the silly log on screen, just a screen saver with pass word protect.


Q: Your screen saver came set with a password. How do I find out what it is?
A: Actually, no it didn't. While each screen saver can opt to use or not use password protection (usually specified through the screen saver's settings options), all screen savers use the same system-wide password. There was probably already a password set from some time long past, but none of the screen savers were using the password option until the new screen saver was installed and the password option was turned on. See the previous note about using PWZAP.ZIP to reset a forgotten password.

Just curious if you have anything in your screensaver setting options that would enable/disable the password protect. The way I read it, that password would be the same for all screen savers!

BTW - I got this info from here - Tech Support (FAQ's)
Dang. That...answers my question. I thought so too, in order to set a screen saver password, you need a general sys pass, and well, that's going to bring up the logon screen.

Thanks anyway damnyank, you've been a great help!


Just skip the logon screen:

Go into control panel and open User Accounts. Click change the way users log on or off. Then uncheck Use the Welcome Screen and click apply options. Close out those windows and click START > RUN and type: control userpasswords2 and click OK. Then uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Uncheck require users to press control alt delete to logon (on the advancted tab) and click OK. It will then ask you for the user name and password that you want the system to automatically logon at startup.

There you go! No more logon screen. Hope this helps.

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