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19 Jan 2003
Hello ..

I notice that when I lower down the screen refresh rate, the pictures or display tends to get clearer and better. However, if it is set higher, the image tends to go blur alittle and darker?

I always had the impression that the higher the refresh rate, the better it is. So what refresh rate do you guys use??
no way! 1024 @ 100Hz is the only way for me (limited by 17" screen)
19" coming soon!!! YAY!
1024x768 @ 85 hz
(i like 1280x1024, but my monitor can only do that @ 60 hz...)

i need a new one :(
using a 15" tft and it cant go higher than 1024x768 @ 75 hz :(
A LOT depends on the Monitor used, although i am surprised that you say lowering the refresh rate makes it seem clearer. Lowering the rez - well, yeah, because then you could increace the refresh rate, but not the refresh rate itself.

Desktop 1280x1024 @ 85hz
Games 1024 x 768 @ 100hz

Its the only way to game.
crt's are only ones that really need to worry about refresh rate's...

lcd's are more to do with response times but due to the nature of the display it is less dependent on refresh rates :)

you will not see the same kind of flicker as likely on a 60hz refresh v/s a 75hz refresh...
On my 17"..
1024x768 - 100Hz
1280x960 - 85Hz (Use this most the time)
1600x1200 - 75Hz

As others have said though, refresh rate shouldn't really affect the image quality, what monitor are you using ?
well if you are using a crt than a low refresh rate can be problematic..

the general consensus is 75hz vertical == flicker-free... I find 85 to be a better compromise but thats generally because for text reading and what not it is easier on the eyes... during gaming since I am in virtual 3d it is a little easier to get away with a 75hz 16x12 res...

now 60hz is total hell on my eyes :( and certainly therefore affects IQ...

my house-mate used to have his monitor @ 60hz but he just got a spanking new trinitron that does 90-95hz @ 12x10 so thats pretty impressive :)

am sure his 16x12 is around 80-ish...
Well .. I'm on 1152 x 864 and my Samsung monitor can only do 75hz at most. But I seriously find the picture to be not as clear though .. ??

Maybe I need to recalibrate it?
running 1024x768 @ 85hz though my monitor will do 100hz I believe ...
yeah, my friends got an old gateway crt that is clear at 60hz and seriously fuzzy at 100hz at the same res. how old is your screen

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