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17 Jan 2004
Recently my computer has been plagued by strange problems (burners acting strangely, hard drives crashing, applications starting by themselves (I swear this is true)) But this new problem is by far the worst.

Changes in my screen (as in anything changing, typing, maximizing/minimizing windows, scrolling, playing games) cause my speakers to hum. Right now for instance not only is my keyboard making it's distinctive keyboard noise, but there is also a little (very short) hum for each letter I type. It even does it when I scroll down with the screen off, but not if I just click and move the mouse, so I don't think it's the mouse. :confused:

None of this is new hardware, and the problem just randomly started. I have tried changing the refresh rate on my monitor but none caused the noise to stop. I have tried moving the speakers away from the screen. I have tried running the wires as far apart from each other as possible. I have tried punching and slapping things also. (The next step is kicking it really hard with my steel toes and then finally throwing the whole flaming P.O.S. out the highest window I can find)

My sound card is a Sound Blaster Live Value, my speakers are Yamaha YST-MS201 and my screen is a very plain 17" AOC. Can anyone explain? Has anyone ever experienced this? Can someone fix it? Or do I need an exorcist?
wow. uhh.... err.... that must be really annoying. lol

sorry, jus had to say it. Never heard of anything of the sort happening. speakers could give a computer problems, but i never thought a computer could make speakers go st00pid like. only thing i can think of.... maybe a part of the speaker wire is kinda worn through.... WHY it would be like that i don't know, but that's the only thing i can think of that has the slightest chance of causing that. but even then, for your keyboard and everything to be having what appears to be crosstalk like that, just about everything would have to have a wire with the shielding torn partially. hopefully someone else could help more, cause i'm completely stumped.
I have had that same problem with a SB live! the card is goofy get a new one, I use a soundstorm now and the hum went away. It could also be that your speakers have no EM sheilding but I would go with the first thing I said, shell out 30 bucks for a turtle beach card and be done with it.
A different outlet didn't fix it, but thanks.

And as for buying a new card, well I wish I had the money to do it, but I've forgotten what money even looks like...

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