Screen Capture and Paint combo. or seperate programs?



I need one program that does both Screen Capture and Paint, or one program for Screen Capture and another for Paint that work well together. I have looked at a few basic paint programs that would also capture a screen—they had to be better than MS Paint but not as big as Photoshop. I was using “Ctrl,” “Print Screen,” and MS Paint—too many steps. I am now using “Capture Professional v5.03a” Has anyone used this program or another paint program that does both capture and paint? I also looked a lot at “HyperSnap-DX,” “Snagit,” or “ClipMate”, but there extra features where geared more toward video than paint—any one know of a medium sized paint program that works well with either of these three Screen Capture programs?


Screen Capture or Clipboard Utilities?

I’ve taken all of this from “5 Star” site

I found it most interesting because it shows two different categories, for what I’ve been calling “Screen Capture” programs. The two categories are Clipboard Utilities and Screen Capture. It makes a lot more sense to me their way.

Under Utilities
See Clipboard Utilities
The few I read about extends the Windows clipboard utility, which works for text or images.

Then under Graphics & Drawing
See Screen Capture
The program I’m using Capture Professional v5.02 is listed here. These appear to offer more extended capture abilities.

Also under Graphics & Drawing, sub heading Image Editors they list two programs named “Paint Shop Pro”
Paint Shop Pro v6.02
Paint Shop Pro with Animation Shop v7.04
Are these two programs made by the same company? Are they the same as the programs listed in this thread?