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School Restrictions



Is there a way, to download Trillian in school. They have got a restriction from where ever I download it, CNET or the trillian website.

If you cannot get Trillian to bypass the security system, can I get the MSN Messenger to work on school PC's !


You will probably need to get permission from the schools admin. to save it to their puter.


Ahhh... that brings me back =)

Just a question... does ur school block the trillian website or just the download?

At my high school, they blocked the web address. To bypass this all we had to do was ping the website in question to get its IP address and used that instead of the DNS address.

The other method you could try is use a Proxy website. www.anonymiser.com and the like... did i spell that right?


I can work around getting into the site, (my own little tricks) but the download file has been blocked !

and what does that anonymiser link do !


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by passing any security thats been put in place by college/school admins is clased has Hacking/Cracking, and that kinda info wont be given away on this site.


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if u use r.m poor u!!!

ur scool administrater can control exactly which web sites u can go on and filter specific files such as .exe so u can't download games etc. u can get round some websites just my puttin www.. instead of www. our network administater woz an absolute dick +filtered the words game, free, chat etc.msn/trillian won't work if u bring it in on disk cus it takes seconds 4 him 2 delete it +ban u from the server.:(


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i no it's a bugger, someone else may no how 2 hack in past the security wall. the outher way is when school's use filters they add on a password to them in case they have 2 use that web site in the futre. when u get 2 the filtered screen if u enter the corect key securence/passwod the filter 4 that website is removed, but findin the corect key secuence/password is hard. ocasionally if it's a new computer the defalt settins haven't been changed so the password is sumin simple e.g r.m (by the way that's the defalt settin 4 all r.m's computers bios setup):D
Company/Institutions blocked sites, restrict access for a reason, to safeguard their systems. As we all know, the internet isn't a friendly place.
Trust me it is not worth it, I have tried many times but the proxyserver (your school is likely to have one) doesnt allow IM traffic, you cant do anything but surf. I managed to find a way to get Norton LiveUpdate to work by changing the Internet Explorer settings to "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections", its one of the tick boxes in the Advanced Section.


What's your security @ school? Does it use Symantec's IGEAR?

I know ours does, and it's easily bypassable :D

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