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Scan disk after every restart !


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Chkdsk will run at boottime if the dirty bit is set [basically an error is detected]. There is no scan disk in XP.
Sorry.. the error-checking Utility !

Mainframeguy ---> Long story! I'll try and make it short! I work one day a week as an "IT GUY" ! There have been some computer problems happen that the error-checking fixed ! I cant make it out there often and I dont like explaining to people how to do it on the phone !! Short but sweet !!!


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OK my thinking is a simple script which you put in the startup...

I have not checked this out and you may also need to read this but so long as your remote users are in a situation where they are truly booting Xp I think this is very doable - after all utilities like partition magic do it all the time.

Sorry if this seems glib, but after you answered my question I fekt a duty to reply to back up my feeling although it is the wee small hours here and I am on my laptop so no time to back up my assertion with actual proof...

Let us know how it goes - I am sure a script may be forthcoming if you still have trouble

Jason Claiborne

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Greetings all...

sorry for the geeky bit here...

it's not actually chkdsk that runs at boot.... it's autocheck that runs and it launches chkdsk on the drive.

i think that, depending on your situation, you could create a login script that would kick off chkdsk during every boot, if you so choose.

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