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SBS2003, monitoring/logging user internet usage


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

I got a client boss who wants to log the amount of time that all users on the domain are on the internet. He is concerned about exactly how much slacking off the employees are doing.

He asked me to setup the SBS2003 Domain server to log the users time on the internet, and if need be, disable the internet as whole, except for a few business needed websites. I think that wants to first approach the employees with a printout of the log first before setting down rules or limitations.

I have been googling for a tut on how SBS2003 does this but can't find anything that I can understand. I am presuming that SBS2003 does this already but can't find where to go.


If you are using the SBS Premium edition, then this comes with ISA (Internet Security Acceleration) which is used to provide a web proxy & firewall. ISA provides plenty of reports. I think, by default ISA will only record the IP address of the client, but the following website should help with configuring ISA to report on user names instead.



Overclocked Like A Mother
Is there maybe a third party software that might do this. ISA is there somewhere in the server, but I can't pull it up.


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