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SBS 2003 User Template issue


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Hi there,
I've created a share on the server to store Roaming Profiles (c:\profiles). I've put Default User profile in the NETLOGON folder to be detected and used when a profile doesn't exist for a user.
Ok me thinks.
Folder re-direction is enabled so that anything in My Docs is sent to a data drive on the server. This works.
However, for any new user, I've modified the User Template template Profiles tab so that it will place the user's profile (once created) in \\server\share\username and also map the Z drive to \\server\share\username\my documents.
I've used the proper variables.
The problem is that every time i create a new user, the paths defined in the User Template Profiles tab disappear. The defined paths are not retained.
I can manually set the profile path and map the drive for the user immediately after the user is created and it will work but it isn't picking it up from the template which is the point (or so I thought?)

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