SBS 2003 partitioning resizing question


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8 Jul 2002
Hey all,

I have this DC (SBS2003), a dell poweredge 1600SC.

Anyways, it has 2x36gig mirror raided and partitioned in C:15gigs and D:20gigs.

The C: is full. I would to remove D: partition and extent C: to occupy the whole 36 gig HD's

Can I perform this from the Disk Manager? If not what can I use, maybe Gparted?


The C:/ is NTFS.

I deleted the D: partition, now it is just free space.


Not sure Windows has this ability although I could be wrong - may have to use something like Parition Magic or the like.
if it can handle ntfs you should be able to - i was going to suggest partition magic aswell :)
So the Disk Management can't perform this, that I must use PartitionMagic?

Why Not GParted?

Okay Thanks,


Hey All,

PartitionMagic doesn't work on Windows2003Server. Won't install on NT/2000Server/2003Server.

What a waste of money that was.......................

Gotta find something else, hopefully freeware now.

Thanks will try that trail version now.

Might be worth contacting Symantec and seeing if you can get a refund, but doubt they will go for it since it's not listed in the system requirements/compatability.

Sorry :(
say you bought it from a shop and the sales person said you could use it on server - shift the blame :p
The boss from this office I work at did the $70 download.

I hear that many tools can resize partition, such as partition magic, GParted, disk director, easeus partition master….. As I know, partition magic doesn't support Windows Server 2003. I would like to use easeus partition master, it is simple and easy to resize SBS 2003 partition. Thanks easeus.
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