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SBlaster Audigy 2: Issues between Speaker Vol / Microphone?


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Hey guys,

I'm having a lot of issues with my SB Audigy 2 Platinum setup. I'm utilizing both this, as well as the Creative Aspire 5200 5.1 Surround speakers (Though with 4 + sub instead of 5... one satellite is down). I've been noticing that with the speakers connected, I will only hear the Left and Right Front speakers. I will go into the Windows control panel, and first I had seen that Windows audio was removed, which is new. I was able to reinstall it. Upping the volumes to the rest of the channels will fix the speaker problem.

Then after that is done, I will see that on the Sound Blaster software, my Recording side is greyed out. I don't know how to re-enable it. When Windows audio is working, I can see that recording and microphone are enabled, and I can actually hear myself, but BARELY. I'm trying to download a new driver and hopefully some new software to try and resolve the issue, we'll see how it goes.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

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