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My friend is having problems with his SBC Yahoo Dial Up.
Every time he is on the Internet after a few minutes he starts getting server not found error messages. If you reload the page you can usually connect but it gets annoying to have to reload everything to just surf the net. He thinks them as an error message and something is wrong with his computer.

Since I haven't used Dial Up in ages I was wondering if there are some settings a can tweak in XP that may be causing these problems. I'm not sure if timing out or what.

Or if anyone has any other ideas what might be the problem?



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Dial Up connections are a bitch! There could be so many things wrong it's hard to say like that, but it's most likely a slow connection issue, the DNS request times out while IE tries to get to the site, and returns it can't be found.

Also, is your friend using a proxy for his connection?

You can check in Internet Options (if using IE), in the connections tab. click the dial up connection of SBC and click Settings. Look for a tab with Proxy server settings, they should all be empty.

If that doesn't cut it, I suggest your friend calls his technical support and ask them the question directly, they might have herad it before.

Another thing you can try is to clear the DNS cache and see if it helps... To do that, open a command prompt (run 'cmd') then type 'ipconfig /flushdns' (minous the quotes).

S'all I can thing of for now, let me know if that helped or not.

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