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SB Live drivers


Hey i want to try different drivers for my sb live 5.1 and the creative drivers are kinda funny sometimes, i know i have read of other drivers but dont have link nor remember the name to search for. I know someone knows of these any comments pro or con are welcomed also. Thanx


I have been using these since just after my post like 8 days or so, and it took me a few minutes to get the config right and get the 5.1 workin but after that no troubles i played with the front rear swap feature and i must say i get better surround sound now the can hear the rears with the balance set to the middle, I used to set it heavy on the rears just to hear them. I am be no means and audiophile i guess, im simple long as it plays im happy kind thing, but i must say my mp3s do seem to sound alittle better overall, can hear the instruments better less mushy i guess. And as for gaming I been playing desesrt combat and All my channels work my green friend so give um a try. Thanks for the link again im very happy so far but i wont get into latency and all that jsut sounds better lol.

Shamus MacNoob

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Well yes that is always a good thing to do no matter what your playing with , so yes uninstall the previous drivers and reboot as it ask's , and then just double click the install.exe and it will walk you through . ;)
Originally posted by kreation
The best Drivers you can get are the KX project drivers, these will give you the lowest latency with the SB cards, I use them with my SB Live Platinum and they work extremely well.

I just saw this post this morning, and I'm using the drivers now. Wow! After Creative and their awful driver support, I'm glad to find something that works beautifully :) Thanks, kreation!

Tuffgong4: By "have 2 satellites and a subwoofer" I assume you mean that you have that setup. I think the KX drivers default to 2.1, because I wasn't getting 5.1 at first and had to reset them. Try reinstalling the drivers.

Shamus MacNoob

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Front and Rear speakers are swapped by default (this is intentional) - explanation why here.
The default speaker configuration is 'Stereo' (2.0) -- you can change this setting by tweaking the 'Surrounder' options.
EAX/EAX2.0/EAX3.0 not fully supported.
No DirectSound3D support (2D emulation only).
MIDI synth volume control may not function in realtime.
If you have ACPI-aware system you may need to disable it. Refer to ACPI guide for details.

I was right about the 3d though it only emulates it in 2d

but they work fine I am not knocking them the configuration is going to be tougher for the non experimented computer user, but they seem to have tons of options to play with , just the way I like things LOL :)

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