SB Audigy driver request


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13 Jan 2004
Ill try that next,your right about the compatibily. I asked the guy I bought it from and it ran fine on his machine (xprosp1). I run the diag's and it tells me that soundfont isnt installing well ok now what. har har Safe mode ahoy. on the jump 8) thanks again.


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8 Dec 2001
I went from an Audigy to an Audigy2 and I had the hardest time installing the drivers for the Audigy2. I RMA'd my original and when I received the new card it did the same thing couldn't get the drivers installed. So what I ended up doing is installing everything individually. I opened up the .exe with winrar and installed the drivers, eax console, speakers config, etc. etc one by one. That worked and I did the same for the updates. For some reason Audigy2 drivers don't like to install all at once on my this system. Even though my Audigy installs great.


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4 Aug 2004
Gooday Gents: I'm using an Audigy sb0090 card with XP pro.The only drivers and (software for that matter) that works correctly is on the original installation CD.
Everytime I have updated my drivers over tha past two years I have had to "roll back"or reinstall the originals. The sound quality is crap with anything else.
After installing an ATI 9600XT video card I have had an issue with a huge echo when using the TV tuner. ATI says to install the latest Audigy drivers but my sound
didn't improve.
The latest ATI catalyst drivers have settled things down for now for some reason but when I do the setup test it still flags my sound card .
The point is that I guess I'll have to live with one or the other for now

P4 2.4
1024 m of ram
2 80 Samsung drives
Altec-Lansing 5.1 surround
SB Audigy 0090 sound
ATI 9600XT video
LG writer and DVD

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