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6 Jan 2004
I've been using the EAX 4.0 drivers for about a month now but i'm not really happy with them . I get reduced sound volume when compared with previous releases which really limits my Logitech Z-680 speakers :mad:

I don't feel like using the ones that came with audigy card either cause they're quite old. Does anyone have the latest drivers prior to the Eax 4.0 release?
Any links where i can download them? Or would someone be kind enough to e-mail them to me?

If you find the drivers for the audigy card let me know I'd like them also. I replaced the soundblaster live 5.1 with the audigy card and to be perfectly honest with you the soundblaster was better. At least with the drivers i'm currently useing and audigy card in comparison. Maybe some different drivers might work?
Not all the 'latest' drivers are the best to use (as you have experienced).
Sometimes you should just stick to the one you had the best experience with rather than update it to the lastest ones everytime one is released.
I have the following ;) drivers that I can email - if you provide your email addresses. I tried to upload them but got a "server not found" error (I think).

ADGXPDrvUpdate.exe downloaded May 9,2002 - apply this after installing the drivers from the Audigy CD-ROM. 5,548K

AUDDRVPACK.EXE downloaded Septermber 23, 2003 - replacement drivers 12,451K

AudigyPC3Patch.EXE downloaded September 23, 2003 - Audigy Play Center patch 1,681K

AUDDRVPACK_L11.EXE downloaded January 2, 2003 - replacement drivers 12,979K

Driver instructions for AUDDRVPACK_L11.EXE.txt downloaded January 2, 2003 2K

"AUDDRVPACK.EXE downloaded Septermber 23, 2003 - replacement drivers 12,451K" . I need those . My e-mail is . Thanks a lot! ;)
Kx is good if you're not a gamer, as there is no EAX support.
I tried the KX drivers and was very dissapointed with them.
The intface program was very unclear and poorly designed (which i could have put up with) but unfortunatly no 6.1 support so scrubbed them :)
I just upgraded from an audigy2 to an audigy2 zx .. lol
Electronic Punk said:
I just upgraded from an audigy2 to an audigy2 zx .. lol

Yeah thats what i wanna do i really fancy the DTS decoder :)
Software is a bit nicer too was running it on my card for a while everthing works save the dts (obviously) and the graphic eq
Pardon my ignorance, but does anyone here notice the difference with EAX on and off? I can't hear it. What should I be listening for so I know what I'm missing? What is EAX, in Creative Labs' estimation? If it just adds reverb when you're in a cave in a game, I'll be rightly pissed.

EDIT: Some info on EAX.
I still can't hear what they're talking about--rather, I can, but it doesn't sound different to me.

Also just noticed that the KX driver has different skins to use.
ok let me start over I have winXp pro and a sb00900 audigy sound card and the drivers I've tried so far don't work. I havnt tried the KX drivers as of yet. And I do like to game any suggestions would be great. frogg_mann
Now is as good a time as any to download the KX Drivers. It only takes a minute to install and about three minutes to configure them for surround.
i did not get on with the kx drivers as they did not support 6.1
thanks Unwonted, Im dl ing as i lay down my font. Ill return with reezzzzolts....ty once again. frogg_mann
kx didnt work not even close. I think the audigy card isn't compatible with xp professional. thanks anyway,soundless ribbit's on the pond lol
the audigy is definitely compatible with XP Pro.

Have you tried installing the drivers in safe mode?

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