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Saving word 2003 files to view on word 2000?

I seem to be having a bit of a problem saving from word 2003 and cant seem to view it in word 2000 without files missing and stuff. am i saving in the wrong format, ive tried em all, can some one please help??


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the best way to go backwards with word documents is to save as .RTF

What type of document are you creating, something with tables that can be viewed as HTML?
yea its like a list of items on one side and a description on the other side. i saved as html, but it makes it harder to e-mail, i would zip it, but my who im sending it to doesnt know anything and would get hurt tying to figure it out..


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Well that means you somewhat did it correctly. Instead of having to save as .html, or zip it, the file has stripped all the stuff down and included everything you need.

The only bummer is that you may not be able to send a file that is 10mb, and if you can, they might not be able to receive it..

When I said something about publishing to the web, didn't know if you had a website or webspace you can host it on.


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The reason the file is so large is because you are maximizing compatibility, meaning it is going to work with every version of Word.

Chief is telling you to save it as RTF (Rich Text Format). That'll work with Word and Wordpad of all versions.

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