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Saving Saved Games


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I am getting ready to clean my computer, reformatt and all. I am saving all my files and stuff. Sending them to another computer, since I have 4. Anyways, I was wondering how I can save, saved game files. I want to save the saved game files for NFS Underground 2. Where can I find those and such?


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I'm not sure if it's the same, but for NFS Underground 1, I backed up 4 files; a UGD, opt, usr and cfg file. Granted, i'm not sure which one relates to the save game itself, but I managed to get my save game to pop up after reinstalling, and dragging the files back in :)


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to find the NFSU2 saved files navigate to your root directory (Usually C:\) and then go Documents and Settings>*Your User Name*>Local Settings>Application Settings>NFS Underground 2 and all your saves will be there under the name that you used when creating a User Account for NFSU2

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